Employees not getting listed in search page(s) after changing them to a new department(DEPTID)

When a new department is created and employees are attached to this new department, the employees no longer get listed in Job_data (Job) page or in any other page. The same emplid could have got listed while changing the department however not after making the department change. This could also happen when department(deptid) is changed for a position number. In the later case, the position as well as the employee may not get listed.

This is because security is setup based upon Department Tree. I had blogged about a similar issue which happens on changing Business Unit and it could be accessed from this link: http://peoplesoftwiki.blogspot.com/2009/10/position-numbers-not-getting-listed-in.html

The department id needs to be added to the Department Tree in appropriate node level. Make a copy of the existing tree and add this new department with a new effdt. Once the new department is attached to the tree, SJT processes have to be run and it would solve the problem. However, the effdt of tree has to be kept in mind for the department to be effective. Another point worth mentioning is at any point in time, only one tree can be active per setid.

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