PeopleTools Tables - Part 1 - PeopleTools records for PS-Queries

Here is the complete list of PeopleTools meta tables that stores various information about PS-Queries. These tables are specific to Tools version 8.50 and could vary slightly in earlier versions.

  1. PSQRYACCLSTAET - Query Access List State Record Used by PSQRYACCLIST App Engine Program
  2. PSQRYACCLSTRECS - Query Access Record List Populated by the PSQRYACCLIST App Engine Program Used by Query Run time to check for authorized list of records for each opr class
  3. PSQRYBIND - Query Prompt
  4. PSQRYBINDLANG - Query Prompt Alternate Lang.
  5. PSQRYCRITERIA - Query Criteria
  6. PSQRYDEFN - Query Definition
  7. PSQRYDEFNLANG - Query Definition Alt. Language
  8. PSQRYDEL - Query Definition
  9. PSQRYEXECLOG - Query RunTime Log
  10. PSQRYEXPR - Query Expression
  11. PSQRYFAVORITES - Query Manager Favorites Table
  12. PSQRYFIELD - Query Field
  13. PSQRYFIELDLANG - Query Field Alternate Language
  14. PSQRYFLAGS - Query Global Flags Table
  17. PSQRYRECORD - Query Record
  18. PSQRYSELECT - Query Select
  19. PSQRYSTATS - Query RunTime Statistics

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