Self Service Dependent Data does not Change With As of Date

In HRMS 8.9 and 9.0, Self Service Dependent Data does not Change with As of Date

In Employee Self Service Dependent Pages, the dependent's personal information is always displayed as of current date, whereas the Enrollment information is displayed as of the Date entered.
  1. In Self Service > Benefits > Dependent/Beneficiary Info - data is displayed as of current date
  2. In Self Service > Benefits > Dependents and Beneficiaries > Dependent/Beneficiary Coverage and Health Care Dependent Summary - dependent data is displayed As of Date entered on the page; - when a date is entered, the Enrollment information changes based on that date, but the Personal Info, such as Dependent Name and Relationship always stays the same (i.e. as of SYSDATE).
This was accepted as an issue by PeopleSoft and resolved with the bundles specified below.

For HRMS 8.9 - Bundle #10, Update ID 652560
For HRMS 9.0 - Bundle #1, Update ID 688700

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