Prompt table takes long time to return values or doesn't return results at all

 Recently one of the PeopleSoft teams here in my company faced a strange issue. While choosing values from PeopleSoft prompt button, on typing few characters(enabled with Type ahead) would allow the user to select a value. However clicking on the prompt button without any value being entered causes the application to just keep on searching and eventually time out.

The eventual solution to get this issue resolved is below:
  1. Navigate to: PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration 
  2. Open the web profile or profiles being used. If unknown this can be determined by examining the Web Profile History under the same navigation for any given webserver machine name.
  3. Select the "Debugging" tab.
  4. Reconfigure the following: 
    1. Deselect "Show StyleSheet Inline HTML" and 
    2. Deselect "Show JavaScript Inline HTML"
  5. Save the webprofile.
  6. Reboot the webserver. Clearing webserver and Appserver cache along with browser cache.

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