Query Administration - Part 3 - Testing Various Services used by PSQuery when run in different ways.

A PS Query can be run in several ways including:
1) From PS Query tool in 2-tier
2) Using Query Viewer
3) Run to HTML from Query Manager
4) Run to File from Query Manager
5) Preview from Query Manager and
6) Through Scheduler

In all these cases except for the first and last one, a row should get written to the PSQRYTRANS table. To know more on PSQRYTRANS table, click this link: Query Administration - Part 1 - All about PeopleSoft Query Administration

Though the PS Query can be run in different ways, all the ways do no share a common mechanism to run. Queries run via 2-tier use PSQCK service. PS Queries run via 3-tier use either the ICQuery service or query API. Online queries use the ICQuery service except for the Preview from Query Manager which uses query API. The ICQuery service can run either on the PSAPPSRV or the PSQRYSRV. Click here to view more information on PSAPPSRV, PSQCKSRV, and PSQRYSRV, PSQCKSRV processes and their impact on PS Queries. It is recommended to test if appropriate services are initiated while running queries in different ways in addition to the tests specified here - Query Administration - Part 2 - Tests to run after killing a PS Query.

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