PeopleCode Metatables

Peoplecode Audit:
At times, we have the necessity to find audit details of a particular peoplecode on a particular object. When we check the LASTUPDDTTM of a record or a page or a component, it does not give us the required information since the definition itself hasn't got changed by writing peoplecode. However, there is an answer to this. Most of the PeopleSoft technical consultants know that PSPCMPROG table stores the peoplecode. PROGTXT field in PSPCMPROG record stores the peoplecode however it cannot be retrieved in a readable format since the code is saved in binary format in the database.
PSPCMPROG record provides us two fields - LASTUPDDTTM and LASTUPDOPRID which gives us information on when the peoplecode was last modified and by whom.

References to objects in peoplecode:
I found something more interesting while verifying this sometime back. PSPCMNAME table contains two fields RECNAME and REFNAME which caught my attention. For every reference to a PeopleTools object referenced from peoplecode, an entry is written into this table. For example, if a Record.Field.Fieldchange event references five different PeopleSoft objects then there will be five entries in this table. I believe this is how PeopleSoft's cross reference utility\Definition references works. Surely give this a shot, when you have to do a definition reference next time.

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